• Friend: I just... I'm not sure about him. I don't want to push him away, because what if he's a keeper?
  • Me: then you'll have to learn how to play Quidditch.
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Off-Pitch Seeking IQA Member Poll


What do you think about this? On one hand off-pitch seeking can be inconvenient for certain locations (indoor Quidditch? Or our downtown urban campus, right guys?) but I think it is also a unique aspect of the sport.

Perhaps instead of removing it, make it optional. We’ve always found off-pitch seeking to be a great way to let those in the vicinity know a match is happening, and generate interest in each game.

Any Snitches or Seekers on here care to weigh in? Got any interesting stories of off-pitch Snitch-anigans?

At Regionals this last weekend, my opposing off pitch seeker had to pee. We both knew we weren’t going to find the snitch and had planned on sticking close to the pitch, but I told him I’d walk down to the bathrooms with him.

The snitch ref and I (both being female) waited outside the bathroom while he went in. I jokingly called “don’t dismount!!” as he went in. About 30 seconds later a guy came out, looked at us, and said “he’s still on his broom. Thought you should know.”

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But really though, brooms up in Quidditch is like the Cornucopia in the Hunger Games.

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Hey everyone! We just launched our IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for Regionals! This will be our first time going! Please please please donate if you can (there are $1 & $5 options!) and share no matter what! Time is limited and we need your help!

Photo Set

Our lovely team at NoCo Cup in Greeley. 


you know what’s really fucking cool about quidditch?

there arent separate teams for boys and girls

wizards don’t give a shit what your gender is as long as you can hold your own on the pitch

muggle sports should take note

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Photo Set

I completely forgot to post photos from our Halloween Practice! (Well, no time like Christmas for a Halloween post, right??)

Do you recognize all the costumes? (Yes, it was a Pokemon heavy practice)


Thank you to everyone that showed up for the meeting!!

For those who couldn’t attend, these are the topics we discussed:

Practices next semester will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm. We encourage you to go to both if you can, but understand if you can only make one.

Conditioning is going to be up to you. It’s still required that you go once a week, so just text/message me and let me know that you went. I don’t think we have a team of liars. Also, if you can arrange to go with other team members, that’s even better!

Regionals are coming up, and we’re going to fundraising. I’m going to get an IndieGoGo account set up for us sometime after Christmas so we have time to share the link with our friends and families! We discussed rewards/incentives, and I think they’re great! Also, Jordan had the brilliant idea to make a snowfort and snowballs, and ask for donations to play with them! So, first snowy day of the semester, be ready to work together! 

As far as traveling to regionals go, we decided that driving would be best. Our best case scenario is using Brielle’s family’s RV. It’s the cheapest way for us to all travel together. Worst case scenario, we’ll take cars down and switch up drivers/passenger combinations along the way. 

Please have a safe break! We’ll try to organize some fun practices when people are in town, but nothing too serious or required. Remember: if you get injured before regionals, I will kill you.

You’re a great team and I’m so proud of your hard work this semester! Stay safe, have fun, and make good choices!